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Ekber- Kitchenware

We are meeting the stainless steel kitchen equipment requirements at the house and professional kitchens with our main kitchen equipments, Cooking-Carrying-Preparation-Service Equipments, Beverage Equipments, Pastry Shop Equipments, Pizza Equipments and Kitchen Sinks. And, we are ready to produce also the new and modern kitchen machines used in professional kitchens.

We added new products to our profile of main kitchen equipments and desktop service equipments during last year. There are machine units for set-top cooking, preparation and hot service purposes available in our main kitchen equipments. These products have been designed for use at the hotels, restaurants, cafeterias and catering locations.

We have used the harmony between glass and steel in the design of our set-top service equipments. And, glass and steel which are most appropriate materials for health purposes have taken their places on tables with our elegant designs. Simplicity and practical use are among our principles in such designs.



We are manufacturing our products using the most modern technology presently available.

We are making our designs in accordance with requirements and our Research and Development Department in our organization is of utmost importance in this respect. Our department is always spending dynamic efforts to increase the usability of our products while also developing new ones. A Continuous Quality Control procedure is also available.

We may, on the other hand, summarize our principles in general as following up the modern technology through a consistent investment policy, turning the sector's strong "experience and dynamism" aspects to the customers' advantage using our professional staff and continuing our nature of a company capable to supply the best prices and quality together both in Turkey and abroad.

We are making exports to the number of countries increasing every day. We are advancing in a complete compliance to our five-year plans and reaching our targets on a timely basis.

Our objective is to export 40% of our production. You can see EKBER's products more then 65 countries all around the world. We are catching the opportunity to introduce our products and develop our customer relations by participating into international exhibitions in the country or in the abroad. Customer satisfaction is among our main principles.

On the import side, we are importing stainless steel raw materials of around 2,000 tons annually.

At EKBER KITCHEN EQUIPMENTS, our target is to become an everlasting stable company in the sector we have been involved since 1977. We strongly believe that we will reach this target with our expert staff as well as the applications conforming to modern requirements and the latest technology incorporated without damaging our structure of a family company.

We are spending efforts not only for our customers, but also for Turkey; and, became one of the best representatives of Turkish quality in the world with our service and product quality after our progress in exports. In this context, we have been honored by Istanbul Chamber of Commerce with the Export Promotion Award which is granted to successful exporters. We believe that negative outcomes of the stagnation period resulting from the crisis in Europe will be overcome within a period of 2 years, but the world is too large and there are much more we would like to see Ekber's products in their markets. For this purpose, we will advance taking slow, but strong steps without giving up from our quality with a mind open to innovations. Our strongest wish is to convert Turkey from its nature of an importer country to an exporting country. We, as Ekber, will continue to produce for making Turkey more productive.