Being active as a company continuing its existence in the sector of Stainless Steel Kitchenware since 1977, our company has adopted the principle of introducing the standards demanded by customers in Local and International markets together with our design and quality at an economical level of prices.

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It has always succeeded in taking an outstanding position in this platform, in the local and international fields with its product and customer portfolios.

Our company targets to reach professional buyer masses by participating regularly in the international exhibitions.

It introduces its newest models by manufacturing products under today’s modern conditions in the direction of customers’ demands and requirements, with the contribution of also our research and development department.

It has always been successful to turn the sector’s experience, dynamism and strength to the advantage of its customers with its expert staff of 150 persons.

We are also spending efforts to provide better quality services to our customers through the regular and continuous operation of our quality control system.

Our company who is proud of providing the best quality at a reasonable price is happy to share its proud, but modest commercial life with you.