Chafing Dishes-Eco-Flat/Rolltop Cover Gel/Electric - 35x64x35cm

Reso reŸo16

Product Specifications

  • Stainless Steel Body

  • Lid And Legs

  • With Gel And Electric

  • 30-90 Degrees Heat Adjustment Knob Heater Circuıt Warnıng Tone

  • Dismanding Electrical Heater For Easy Cleaning

  • 220-240 Volt And 1000 Watt

4063550GN 1/1x1 Flat Cover Gel36
4063560GN 1/1x1 - Flat Cover Electric36
4063570GN 1/1x1 Roltop Cover Gel36
4063580GN 1/1x1 Roltop Cover Electric36